Roller Bearing Puller/ Installer 100 Ton

CTRB SERIES ( Cartridge Taper Roller Bearing Puller Rail Road Edition)

  • Dismantle or Install the tapered roller bearings easily and efficiently.
  • Specially designed for the major bearing manufacturers.
  • The simple, efficient and easy operation provided with pulling force – 100 Ton.
  • Single Unit with portable design for easy,
  • Convenient positioning and saving storage space.
  • The basic equipment in most wheel shops.



Accessory Description
Pulling Shoe Insert Adapter
Guide Tube & Cap Screw Assembly
Cap Screw**
Guide Tube Adapter
Installing Tube Adapter Ring

Class & Size(inch) of bearing assembly to be serviced

Accessory Description Class B Class C Class D Class E Class EE Class EE Class F Class G Class G Class GG
41″ x 8″ 5 5¹/² x 10 6′ x 11″ 5¹/²” Axde. 6″ Axie. 61/2″ x 12″ 7’x1 12″ 61/2″ Axle. Axle.
Pulling Shoe No. F0442 is included as part of basic machine F0443 F0443 F0443
Pulling Shoe Insert Adapter F0440 F0437 F0438 F0439 F0439 F0441 F0441
Guide Tube & Cap Screw Assembly F0435-1 F0435-2 E2605 E2606 E2607 E2608 E2609 E2611 E2610 E2612
Cap Screw** H0423 H0424 H0425 H0426 H0427 H0425 H0428 H0430 H0429 H0429
Guide Tube Adapter B1247 B1246 B1246 B1248 B1248 B1248 B1248 B1248 B1248 B1248
Installing Tube No. D1044 is included as part of basic machine D1045 D1045 D1045
Installing Tube Adapter Ring B1243 D1037 D1038 D1039 D1039 D1040 D1040 D1042 D1041 D1041
  Note: Adapter listed above are for servicing the following roller bearing assemblies: Brenco “Crown-Taper”, New Depature -Hyatt ” HyRoll Taper”, SKF “Expediter” and Timken “AP”. * Screws are supplied with the guide gtube and sholud be order as replacement only.


Model No. Stroke (mm) Capacity (Ton) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) Weight (kg)
Pull Inst.
CTRB100T 392 100 68 652 370 1047 900 1940-2209 1530 590
CTRB100TE* 392 100 68 652 370 1047 900 1940-2209 1530 805
CTRBU100TE* 254 100 68 627 384 731 909 1299 1175 410

Electric Pump – Specifications

Model No. Acting Reservoir Capacity (c.c.) Function Motor Oil Del. (c.c./min. @ )
O(psi) 100(psi) 5000(psi) 10000(psi)
APE-554. Double 11000 Adv./Hold /Retract 1.12KW 220V 50/60 Hz Single Phase 8200 7400 840 750


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