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What Is Difference Between Hydraulic Jacks And Mechanical Jacks

What Is A Mechanical Jack? Mechanical jack, also known as screw jack, is driven by manpower through a screw pair, and the screw or nut sleeve …

ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration VS Standard Traceable Calibration:

When a measuring instrument is sent for calibration, after the process is completed it is returned to the user along with a Calibration Certificate. But …

Does The Hydraulic Wrench Need Regular Inspection?

What Is A Hydraulic Wrench? Hydraulic wrench, also known as hydraulic torque wrench, is widely used in steel, shipbuilding, electric power, petrochemical, chemical, cement, heavy equipment …

UTM Cannot Be Used To Calibrate Load Cells/Force Transducers

Introduction to Universal Testing Machines  A universal testing machine (UTM), is also generally known as   Universal tester  Materials testing machine  Materials test frame  Force testing Machine   Tensile tester,   Compression tester   A …

How Many Unloading Methods Are There In The Hydraulic System?

What Is Hydraulic Pump Unloading? Unloading means the pressure becomes zero and the oil returns to the tank. Generally speaking, it is the working state …

Introduction of Synchronous Jacking System

What Is An Asynchronous Jacking System? Synchronous jacking system is a special testing instrument used in the field of mechanics. It is mainly used to precisely …


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