Choosing the Right cylinder

What Type Of Cylinder Do You Need?

These are just a few basic systems possible with Aeroboom hydraulic components. Countless applications are possible. In presses for lifting for jacking applications or in production or maintenance setups. The pump shown is a typical handpump or electric/hydraulic unit. Air or gas driven/hydraulic pumps are available. 

1. Cylinder – applies hydraulic force.
2. Pump – a device for converting mechanical energy to fluid energy.
3. Directional valve – controls the direction of hydraulic fluid in the system.
4. Gauge – measures P.S.I. pressure (Pounds per Square Inch) and/or force.
5. Hose – transports hydraulic fluid.
6. Manifold – allows distribution of hydraulic fluid from one source to several cylinders.
7. Swivel Connector – allows proper alignment of valves and/or gauges. Used when units being connected cannot be
8. Quick Coupling – “hose half” and “cylinder half” couplings are used for quick connection and fluid flow check when
9. Shut-Off Valve – regulates the flow of hydraulic fluid to or from cylinders.
10. Load-Lowering Valve – allows metered lowering of cylinder and provides safety when prolonged load holding is
11. Tee Gauge Adapter – allows for installation of pressure/tonnage gauge anywhere in the hydraulic system.
12. Pipe Plug – for blocking unused ports within the system.


  • What push or pull tonnage is required per cylinder in your application? (Rule of thumb. Always choose a cylinder with a tonnage rating of 20% or more than what is required to lift the load.)
  • What is the push or pull stroke, length required?
  • Does the cylinder need to push, pull or both? (single-acting cylinders extend the piston under hydraulic pressure, double-acting cylinders extend and retract the piston under pressure.)
  • Does the application require multiple cylinders?
  • Is the application stationary, or must the components be light in weight for easy portability?
  • Do you need to extend a rod or cable through the center of the cylinder for the application, as in a tensioning operation?
  • Does the application require that the cylinder fit within limited-clearance work areas?
  • Does the application require that the cylinder be “dead-ended” at the end of it’s work stroke?
  • Does the application require that the cylinder fit within limited-clearance work areas?
  • Will the cylinder need to withstand off-center loads? Cylinders with swivel caps are available.
  • Does the application require that the lifted load be supported for extended periods of time? Locking collars are ideal for such jobs, as are cribbing blocks.
  • Is corrosion resistance required? Our Unique “Aero-Tech” surface treatment is standard on many Aeroboom cylinders, and optional on many of our cylinders which feature steel construction.
  • Will the application involve high cycles (over 2,500 in the cylinders lifetime) our cylinders are ideal choices

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