Hydraulic Universal Pullers

APH Series

  • The puller is self-centering, easy to manoeuvre and adjustable in height.
  • The arms slide inwards or outwards simultaneously.
  • The complete stroke is 250 mm. 3 adapters (extensions) included.
  • The harder the force, the tighter the jaws grip.
  • The arms cannot bend or deflect. The integral safety release valve prevents overloading and ensures that you will never exceed the maximum power capacity.
  • Prevents damage to shaft and object being pulled.
  • One person can do the job Efficient and saves time.
  • Including 3 adapters & remote control.



Capacity Stoke Min Spread Max Spread Min Reach Max Reach Motor Voltage Center Adjustment Height
Max Min
Pressure Gauge display Total length Weight
(Ton) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (V/HZ) (mm) (mm) (bar) (mm) (Kg)
APH 1002 100 250 381 1219 860 1060 220 380 7/50 305 915 700 3015 550


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