Hydraulic Universal Pullers 100 Ton

APHU Series

  • Double acting hydraulic system for holding, opening & closing jaws for safe & secure grip on work object.
  • Self-centering design keeps puller jaws clamp work object evenly and automatically.
  • Electrical hydraulic pump advances and retracts the pushing cylinder only to prevent operating errors from happening.
  • The easy jaw head adjusting system prevents puller jaws from sliding and spring off the work object being pulled.
  • Puller can be converted into 2 or 3-way configurations.
  • Puller can be adjusted with 5 degree up/down of puller centerline for precisely positioning.
  • The cart swivel castors provide movement of car easily.
  • Electrical hydraulic pump is two stage version: the low pressure stage provides the fast stroking to save time; the high pressure stage is controlled by remote switch.
  • 100 Ton cylinder is 2-stage, spring return type with a maximum working pressure of 10, 000 psi.
  • Five extension adapters are standard attachments for the needs on extra stroke.
  • Integrated Control System for operating Lift and Push easily and efficiently by Electric Pump only. (Equipment on requesting )



Extension & Jaw Tip

Part No. Dia. (mm) Length (mm) Qty (pc) Jaw Tip Dimensions (mm)
AE2857 70 50 1 Tip Depth: 65 Tip Clearance: 25 – 58 Tip Width: 120
AE2858 75 1
AE2859 100 1
AE2302 150 2
AE2303 300 2


Model No. Reach (Min-Max) Spread (Min-Max) Stroke (mm) Overall Dimensions (mm) Electric Pump Welght (kgs)
AMDTU 100T 952-1220 300-1500 270 2915x1035x1350 APE-554 1083
AMDTU 100TE* 952-1220 300-1500 270 2915x1035x1350 APE-554 1189


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