Hydraulic Electric Pump 1

Hydraulic Electric Pump

APE-3000 Series

Reservoir Cap: 3000-6000c.c
Flow at rated pressure: 4-0.4 L
Motor Size: 0.37kW(0.5 hp)
Max Operating Pressure:700 bar

  • Requires less energy, simple and easy to operate.
  • Suitable for any industrial application.
  • Handle and casing built together.
  • Equipped with 10ft remote line.
  • Carbon brush motor, working frequently.



Model Number Motor kW(hp) Max Pressure (psi)(bar) Pressure Rating (psi)(bar) Output flow rate (L/min) dBA at Idie and 700bar Weight (include oil) (kg) Dimension (mm)
1st stage 2nd stage 1st stage 2nd stage
APE-3000 0.37(0.5) 10,000(700) 200(14) 10,000(700) 4 0.4 85-90 16 250*270*400
APE-3000 LT 0.37(0.5) 10,000(700) 200(14) 10,000(700) 4 0.4 85-90 24 300*350*460


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