50 Ton 1

H Frame

Capacity: 50 Ton

  • Full off-center pressing at full rated capacity across width of upper frame without buckling or bending.
  • Maximum “daylight” is 1067 x 914mm, making positioning of even bulky work pieces easy.
  • Height of press bed is easily adjusted with winch; friction brake prevents bed from dropping and handle from spinning upon release.
  • Presses with single-acting cylinder offer choice of 2-speed hand operated, electric/hydraulic, or air/hydraulic pump, Models with double-acting cylinder have an electric/hydraulic pump.
  • Press models equipped with remote control enable operator to view work from all sides with fingertip control of cylinder piston travel.
  • Press can be used horizontally for special applications with user-supplied support legs.



D i m e n s i o n s
A(mm) B (mm) C (mm) D* (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm) J (mm) L (mm) M (mm) Floor Space (mm)
1,829 1,232 914 83-832 152-1,067 152 914 171 203 76 305 1,323 x 914

Model Number Cap.(tons) Type of Cylinder Used Stroke (mm) Cylinder Model Speed (mm/min)*** Type pump Valve Type Model Pump Prod. Wt.(kg)
Advance Pressing
ASPA506 50 S/A 159 ARC-506 114 12.7 Air 2-Way Foot PA-010 318
ASPM506 50 S/A 159 ARC-506 5.8mm /stroke 0.4mm /stroke Hand load Release P-123 323
ASPM5013 50 S/A 337 ARC-5013 18.9mm /stroke 0.7min/ stroke Hand 2-Way P-145 435
ASPE506 50 S/A 159 ARC-506 551 38 Elec. 2-Way** APE-3000 333
ASPE5013 50 S/A 337 ARC-5013 551 38 Elec. 2-Way** APE-554 444
ASPE5013S 50 S/A 337 ARC-5013 620 48 Elec. 3-Way * APE-554 478
ASPE5013D 50 D/A 333 ARR-5013 551 38 Elec. 4-Way APE-554 450
ASPE5013DS 50 D/A 333 ARR-5013 1679 137 Elec. 4-Way* APE-554 505


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