AZMP 2004 Series 2000 Bar

Ultra High Pressure Electric Pump

AZMP-2004 Series (2000 Bar)

  • Al-Ti alloy pump body, light weight, easy to carry.
  • Brushless high power motor, easy maintenance and long life, with starting capacitor, able to start with load, simple operation.
  • Applicable to bolt tensioner in ship build, wind power etc.
  • Plug-in quick connector, easy operation.
  • 2 speed flow design, automatic switch between high and low pressure, high efficiency, more accurate tensioning.
  • High performance radiator ensures long time continuous working.



Model Output port Power Pressure(Bar) Flow(L/min) Oil tank (L) Dimension (mm) Weight (KG)
High Low High Low
AZMP2004 G1/4 220V 1.1KW 2000 30 0.3 2.5 8 400*310*440 26


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