Steel Bar Tensional Tool

Steel Bar Tensional Tool

ASTT Series

12 – 30 Ton
Clamp Size 10-32 mm
700 Bar (10,000 psi)

  • Hollow plunger design allows for most application.
  • Hard chrome plated plunger and inner of barrel resists wear and corrosion.
  • Powder coat finish for increased corrosion resistance and anti rust.



Model Tons Cyl. model Cup model Clamp model Size Opt. Hand Pump
ASTT 12 12 ARCH-121 Apply to anchoring bolt P-109
ASTT 20 20 ARCH-202 ALS-C60 ALS-L03 3/8″/10mm ALS-L04 1/2″ /12mm ALS-L05 5/8″ /16mm P109
ASTT 30-75 30 ARCH-302 ALS-C75 ALS-L06 3/4″/20mm ALS-L07 7/8″/22mm ALS-L08 1″ 1/25mm P-123
ASTT 30-85 30 ARCH-302 ALS-C85 ALS-L09 1-1/8″/28mm ALS-L10 1-1/4″/32mm P-123


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