Press 1


H Frame

Open Throat & Economy Press
Capacity: 25 Ton


  • Design permits use as both “H” frame and “C” frame press; cylinder can be mounted on frame extension to handle jobs which won’t fit between uprights.
  • Open throat press models are also available with remote control to enable the operator to view work from all sides with fingertip control of cylinder piston travel. Off-center pressing loads of full capacity can be applied across entire width of frame.
  • Rugged, yet reasonably priced, Handles many “big press” tasks, and perfect for many of the “in-between” jobs you see almost daily.




  • Press bed height easily adjustable with winch, Bed will not drop when handle is released.
  • Choice of power sources for rapid cylinder advance: two-speed.
  • hydraulic hand pump, electric/hydraulic or air/hydraulic.

A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D° (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm) (mm) K (mm) L (mm) M (mm) Floor Space (mm)
1,727 1,092 711 76-737 175-1,102 114 813 140 165 178 64 203 1,092 x 711
*Lateral head movement

Model Number Cap.(tons) Type of Cylinder Used Stroke(mm) Cylinder Model Speed (mm/min)*** Type pump Valve Type Model Pump Prod. Wt.(kg)
Advance Pressing
Open Throat Presses
ASPA2514 25 S/A 362 ARC-2514 249 30 Air 2-Way Foot PA-001 309
ASPM2514 25 S/A 362 ARC-2514 12.4mm /stroke 0.8mm /stroke Hand load Release P-109 314
ASPE2514 25 S/A 362 ARC-2514 1184 84 Elec. 2-Way** APE-3000 301
ASPE2514S 25 S/A 362 ARC-2514 1321 102 Elec. 3-Way* APE-3000 344
ASPE2514DS 25 D/A 362 ARR-3014 1321 102 Elec. 4-Way* APE-3000 357
‘Economy” Presses
ASPA256 25 S/A 159 ARC-256 249 30 Air 2-Way Foot PA-001 197
ASPM256 25 S/A 159 ARC-256 3.0mm /stroke 0.8mm /stroke Hand load Release P-109 205
ASPE256 25 S/A 179 ARC-256 1184 84 Elec. 2-Way** APE-3000 210
†Solenoid valve with 12 volt remote control hand switch, ††Holds pressure with motor shut off, Also has an automatic dump setting, Furnished with a 3,1m remote motor control, †††Typical performance based on 100 psi and 10,000 psi pump specifications, Actual speeds may vary under operating conditions, ‡Pump standard with press, Other Aeroboom pumps can be substituted, dBA at idle and 10,000 psi: APE30M3 –67/81 dBA; APE30M dBA measured at 3 foot distance, all sides, Available with 115 Volt, 60hz motor (to order, remove suffic “-220” from ASPA No,


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