Mobile Service

Mobile Service Van / Maintenance Van

  • A unique package of technology to repair service and lubricate the immovable machines at far flung places.
  • Vital ancillary at highway breakdowns and construction sites.
  • Compact with sturdy construction.
  • Facilities arranged on a platform of a truck / van for easy operation.
  • Fabricated to suit a broad category of customers.



The Mobile service van is principally a “Workshop on Wheels” with a variety of workshop equipments installed on a truck/van chassis. The Mobile service Units are extensively used in construction industry, cement industry, iron & steel plants, mining industry and defense, where there is a requirement to service equipment or machinery in remote areas. Mobile service van reduce machine breakdown time and helps in total preventive maintenance of machines. In House Equipments The equipments mounted inside the Mobile Service Van are manufac- tured in house. Integrated Solution

  • Address all your service and maintenance requirements.
  • On-site equipment servicing at most remote places.
  • Provides maintenance and service support to critical machines at all times.
  • Rugged product with multitasking capability.
  • Customized design to meet your specific requirement and industry needs.
Mobile Service Van is a multipurpose vehicle used for maintenance and repair of construction and mining equipment at site. It gives the benefit of on-site repairs/maintenance without wasting any time to bring the equipment or vehicles to workshop. The Service van is fully equipped with oil dispensing system, tools, small equipment and other utilities such as oil pumps, grease pump, air compressor, grinding machine, drilling machine, welding machine, washing pump, cutting set, lights etc. As power is generated using a PTO driven hydraulic generator it does not require any external electrical supply or compressed air to run various service related tools and equipment.

Mobile Lubrication Unit / Mobile Workshop Unit
Air Compressor
Diesel Generator Set
Welding Transformer
Grease Pumps
Oil Pumps
Hose Rees-Oi/Grease/Air
Vehicle Washer
Tyre Inflator
Wire Rope
Lifting Crane Mono Rail/Jb
Portable Drilling Machine
Portable Grinder
Worktable Chair

Bench Mice
Standard Tool box Cabinet
Pneumatic Tools
Gas Cutting and Welding Tralley
Fire Extinguisher
Battery Charger
Bench Grinder
Hydraulic Jacks Cylinder
Hardware & Hand Tools
Torque Wench Pullers
All Shuldown / Brakedown / Maintenance Equipments
as per customer requirement


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