Induction Heater

ABIR Series

Power: 25 – 60 KVA

Induction Heater ABIR Series is specially designed to cater the need of dismounting & mounting of the inner races of Cylindrical Roller Bearings used on the axles of Railway Rolling stock and In Traction Motors. It can be used in other industries with similar application.


  • Induction Heating is more safe, reliable & clean process. Even unskilled labour can be trained to operate the equipment easily
  • High heating rates can be easily achieved. Precise Temperature and Time controls are achieved through state of the art technology used in heaters.
  • Lower cost & high efficiency are the plus points of Induction Heating.



Model Power Supply Voltage Nominal Current Output Voltage Power Control Output Current Temprature Control Accuracy Temprature Time Control Residual Magnetism
ABIR-25 25 KVA 30x 440V 57 A 40 60V 25%, 50% 75% & 100% 500A (0-200°C) +- 5°C 0-3 min <2A/cm
ABIR-40 40 KVA 30 X 440V 90 A 40 60V 25%, 50% 75% & 100% 800A (0-200°C) +- 5°C 0-3 min <2A/cm
ABIR-60 60 KVA 3Ø x 440V 136 A 40-60V 25% 50% 75% & 100% 1200A (0-200°C) +-5°C 0-3 min <2A/cm


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