Electric Bolt Tensioner Pump

ABTP Series (2500 Bar)

  • Convenient to adjust the pressure using High precision Pressure Gauges
  • Easy to adjust the pressure in the range of 700-2500bar
  • Simple and quick operation with the High performance Quick Couplers.



Technical Data
Voltage Frequency 220V. 50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
Oil Capacity 8L 8L 8L
Flow 0.8 L/min 0.8 L/min 0.8 L/min
Output Pressure 1600bar 2000bar 2500bar
Output Port Size 1/4″ BSP 1/4 BSP 1/4 BSP
Power 1KW 1KW 1KW
Weight 26.5Kg 26.5Kg 26.5Kg

BH series ydraulic Hose ABTP84 series ABTP94 series
Maximum Operation Pressure / Safety Parameter 1800bar/2.5 2800bar/2.5
Inside Diameter Outside Diameter 5.0×11.2 5.0×13.4
Minimum Bending Radius 150 200
Available Quick Coupler C116 0125


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