AMP304 Series 700 Bar

Automatic Torque Wrenches Pump

AMP304 Series (700 Bar)

  • Integrated circuit control makes it possible to automatically control temperature, automatically stop if no operation after 30s, automatically relief pressure protect the motor and alarm when overload.
  • 1.1KW brush less AC motor, high power, free maintenance, long life, long time continuous working.
  • Solenoid pilot operated valve reverses quickly, pressure relief when shutdown, with starting capacitor, can start with pressure.
  • Multi functional digital pressure gauge can switch between MPa, KG, bar and PSI.
  • Intelligent one-touch operation, only need press the start button, it will tighten and loose automatically, operator can finish the task very quickly.
  • High efficiency 3 speed flow pressure design, perfect simulation of manual operation, fast speed when light load, low speed when heavy load, the bolt tightening is more precise.
  • Realize the reversing by pressure numerical signal from integrated circuit and digital pressure gauge, quick response and high efficiency. Brushless high power motor, easy maintenance and long life, with starting capacitor, able to start with load, simple operation.
  • The reversing valve is controlled by pressure gauge after setting pressure, making regulating valve on OFF position and extend the lifetime greatly. Fast speed, high efficiency, 30% higher than normal automatic pump. High performance radiator, the fan starts automatically when oil temperature reaches 35 degree, to guarantee long time working.




Model Output port Power Pressure(Bar) Flow(L/min) Oil tank (L) Dimension (mm) Weight (KG)
High Medium Low High Medium Low
AMP304-2 4X1/4NPT 220V 1.1KW 700 320 60 0.8 1.6 8 7.6 394*300*420 28
AMP304-4 8X1/4NPT 220V 1.1KW 700 320 60 0.8 1.6 8 7.6 394*300*420 28.5


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