Automatic Locomotive Re railing Machine 1

Automatic Locomotive Re-railing Machine

ARRG/B/D Series

Automatic Locomotive Re-railing Machine is suitable for the operation system of passenger vehicles, large-scale mechanical system, subway system and other vehicles derailment jacking rescue from the complex operations. use two threestage hydraulic jacks, two hydraulic jacks and mobile car. Jacks lift the vehicle’s side beam to a certain height, the left and right side-slip jack completes the vehicle out of the road and rescue operations from the complex at a time, the special horizontal moving solved transverse inconsistencies. Using this system for vehicle out of the road tilt, first use the lifting jacks on both sides of re-railing machine to righting the vehicle then carry out rescue work at the same time; under base pillow pad to use real, pad-ping and ensure that jacks work perpendicular to the ground. Automatic Locomotive Re-railing Machine for the rising edge of the side beam, the product of the maximum horizontal displacement of 500mm, the minimum working point of 450mm, the maximum stroke of 560mm, lifting beam for the weight of 60 tons to 100 tons, special Vehicle customization, matching gasoline motor pump station, electric hydraulic pump station, easy to install, stable operation



Model Available oil capacity L Motor Output Power KW Dimensions LxWxH mm Weight Kg
ARRG-70 40 Gasoline Engine 3.5 560 x 540 x 665 55 kg
ARRB-70 40 220 V/50 Hz 2.2 560 x 540 x 695 60 kg
ARRD-70 40 diesel engine 5 550 x 480 x 750 810kg


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