ALP3 Series 700 Bar 1

3 Speed Torque Wrenches Pump

ALP3 Series (700 Bar)

  • Compact automatic three stage flow, most efficiency.
  • Applicable on both one or two wrenches simultaneously.
  • Aluminum oil tank with oil gauge and thermometer.
  • Have Φ100 high pressure gauge.
  • Working pressure:40~700 bar.
  • With efficient radiator, the pump can work 24 hour continuously.
  • The motor can be changed according to the different voltage.
  • You can use manifold to operate 4 wrenches simultaneously



Model Work Pressure (Bar) Drive Voltage Power Tank Cap Flow Rate Oil Cooler Oil Outputs LxWxH(mm) Weight (kg)
ALP3-2 700 Electric 220V/50Hz 1.1KW 5.5L 7-1.6-0.8L/min Yes 4×1/4″ NPT 445*304*426 25
ALP3-4 700 Electric 220V/50Hz 1.1KW 5.5L 7-1.6-0.8L/min Yes 8×1/4* NPT 61*304*426 27


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