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Crimping Tools -> Hydraulic Cable Cutters -> AS-505 & AS-505H HYDRAULIC CABLE CUTTERS



  • Model for hand use: AS-505
  • Model needs to work with pump: AS-505H (The pump needs to be extra purchased)
  • For Copper & Aluminum Cable & Wire Strand Cutting
  • 5 Tons Output
  • Max. Cutting Range (O.D.):         
  • Bare CU Wire Strand: 28mm     
          Bare AL Wire Strand: 46mm   
          Telephone CU/AL Cable(CCP): 50mm
          Lead Sheathed Cable: 50mm    
  • Length: 520mm(AS-505) / 310mm(AS-505H)
  • Weight: About 6 KGS(AS-505) / 5.2 KGS(AS-505H)
  • Warning: Do NOT cut any Rebar or ACSR or Big Strand or Wire Rope or Round Bar or Armored Cable